LOS ANGELES-After catching Los Angeles by storm as a parody coffee shop from what appeared to be out of nowhere, Dumb Starbucks is now a closed Starbucks.

Four days after thousands lined up and waited for hours to get a peek at the "dumb" business, the Los Angeles County Health Department closed the store because Dumb Starbucks did not have a valid health permit.

The owner of the coffee shop was revealed Monday as Comedy Central host Nathan Fielder. The shop claims it is a work of "parody art" and is thus not trademark infringement.

Fielder has been known to pull off elaborate pranks and said the coffee shop will be part of a show.

The real Starbucks said it is not affiliated with the southern California coffee shop and is looking into how, if any, legal action can be taken.

Starbucks holds a registered trademark on the logo and name.

The word "dumb" is the only difference between the cups and signage.

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