KUSA - On Wednesday in Sochi, one of the big events will be women's downhill alpine ski racing. Julia Mancuso got silver in the event in 2010, and viewers will also want to keep an eye on Stacey Cook.


Cook is coming into Sochi with a new perspective. She's triumphed over injury and fear to make it to another Olympics.

In Vancouver in 2010, Cook crashed during a training run on a downhill course while she was racing at 80 mph.

"I just went off this jump way faster than anyone had tested it and landed in a hole with no other option than to ski straight into a net," Cook said.

The California native was unconscious when she was flown by helicopter to a Canadian hospital.

"Waking up in the CAT scan machine, I remember seeing Olympic rings in the CAT scan machine and thinking 'No,'" Cook said.

By all accounts, it looked like her Olympic run was over. Five days later, however, she was cleared to compete.

"I was crying," Cook said. "Why would I be standing at the top of the course that I went down last time?"

She overcame her fears and clipped back into her skies and raced that very same Olympic course where she crashed.

"That's what was special about the Olympics," Cook said. "The Olympics brought that out in me, which I didn't even know I had in me, that I could face fear like that. I could be better than I thought I was."

Cook finished 11th in Vancouver, but that single run would change her outlook for years to come.

"Since then I haven't doubted myself," Cook said.

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