LONGMONT - Police say it was nothing short of a miracle that three people survived a crash with a semi truck on Monday morning.

Ryan Schossow says he was driving. His cousin was in the front seat and his close family friend was in the back. They were all coming back from a job interview when suddenly, he says a semi truck started to turn.

It happened in Longmont off of Highway 119 and Mill Village Road. Police say the truck driver made an illegal turn, but because of the quick thinking of 19-year-old Schossow, everyone was able to survive.

"A semi truck was merging right. You see this semi that's across four lanes and he's not moving anymore. I was stomping on the brakes," Schossow said.

It was too late; Schossow was just a few hundred feet away from the semi, and within seconds, he collided with the truck.

"You hear the crashing of all the metal and glass. My hands were in my lap and my head was turned. I thought Jacob (front seat passenger) had passed," Schossow said.

The windshield glass shattered and the hood of the car had folded inward and air bags were deployed. Schossow said mangled metal was everywhere, but everyone was able to walk away.

"When we got close to the point where I knew absolute that we were going to hit him I had turned my wheel, and the officer said if I didn't, we all probably would have died," Schossow said.

Police say Schossow avoided a head-on collision which could have crushed the entire cab.

Schossow and his two passengers were taken to the hospital and were released Monday evening. Everyone is expected to make a full recovery.

Police say the driver of the semi was cited for careless driving.

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