SOCHI - Wednesday's temperatures in Sochi, Russia are expected to reach 62 degrees. Thursday's forecast calls for a high of 66, which is warm to say the least for a Winter games where there are spring-like conditions in the mountains as well.


In fact, a week into the 2014 Winter Olympics Games, athletes have seen sunny Sochi days with tourists enjoying the weather and palm trees in the Olympics Park along the Black Sea.

Even in the mountains, tourists like Gail Almada expected it to be cooler.

"A little warmer than expected," Gail said.

It's been 50 degrees and warm at the alpine venues where the temperature has risen from the mid-40s to low 60s.

In fact, at some events, crews have been mixing water, snow and salt to try and super freeze the snow to firm it up before competition.

The only reason tourists like Matt Almada have been wearing gloves at these winter games it to show patriotism.

"It's not cold enough for anything else," said Matt.

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