WELD COUNTY - The suspicious incident involving a local Greeley daycare on Feb. 10 has been resolved.

On Monday, a couple with a young child entered the Sunshine Daycare Center and attempted to pick up a little girl. Staff did not recognize the couple and attempted to contact the mother of the child. The couple commented that they had the wrong daycare and quickly left the building.

Tuesday night, the couple saw the story in the media and immediately contacted the police.

There are two daycare facilities in close proximity of each other, and the child the couple was looking for and supposed to pick up attends the second daycare.

Additionally, the two children have very similar names and their mothers' names are also similar. With such unusual circumstances an investigation was immediately initiated.

The situation has been resolved and the fears of the parents have been eliminated. The community may rest assured that this was not the threatening situation it originally appeared to be.

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