KUSA - Ever wonder what kind of training it takes to achieve some of the jumps snowboarders accomplish?


Phil Tahmindjis is a former Winter Olympic athlete from Australia who has competed in three consecutive Olympics starting in 1988. He shared some training tips with 9NEWS.

"To become good at this you need hours on the half pipe," Tahmindjis said."[You need] hours and hours of hiking up and down, learning your tricks. A big part of this is also going out with your friends, challenging each other pushing your limits."

Many Olympic snowboarders also spend hours in the gym lifting weights.

One of the many snowboard events in the Winter Olympics that utilizes this training is snowboard cross, which is a competition where four boarders race down an inclined course. They go over a series of obstacles and the first boarder to the finish wins.

"This came from motocross racing: man against man person against person," Tahmindjis said. "They're racing through gates, down a course. A lot of these athletes have to study how to race lines like an alpine skier races down a slalom."

Snowboard cross, also called SBX became an Olympic sport in 2006.

Women's snowboard cross events are Feb. 16 and men's events are Feb. 17.

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