KUSA- It's not common to see summer Olympians compete in the winter games. Lolo Jones will be the ninth U.S. athlete to compete in both a summer and winter Olympics.

The track star turned bobsledder had to gain more than 20 pounds since the London Olympics to make the U.S. bobsled team for Sochi. She admits, at times, her role has confused her fans.

"When I went back to track they were like, 'Wait I thought you were going back to bobsled,'" Jones said.

Jones finished fourth in the 100-meter hurdles at the 2012 London Olympics and seventh in the same event at the 2008 summer games in Beijing.

Her transition from runner to bobsledder hasn't been an easy one. To gain more than 20 pounds for bobsled, she's been eating about 9,000 calories each day.

Jones added the weight by having several high-calorie protein shakes per day. The shakes come out to about 1,300 calories a piece. She also makes fast food runs late at night for double-bacon cheeseburgers.

"I'm doing such high-intensity workouts that it's kind of translating to muscle," Jones said. "They weigh the bobsled and they weigh the two athletes in the bobsled. It has to be a certain weight. It can't be over. It can't be under."

Jones says her first time in a bobsled was a frightening experience.

"It's like being put in a metal garbage can and thrown off of Mount Everest," she said.
Women's bobsled qualifiers start Tuesday in Sochi. If Jones makes it to the finals, she will compete for gold on Wednesday.

Jones is the brakeman on her team and Jazmine Fenlator is her pilot.

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