JEFFERSON COUNTY - A mountain lion targeting pets in Jefferson County has struck again. The cat attacked three more dogs over the weekend in Coal Creek.

According to residents, the mountain lion has attacked more than two dozen pets in their community over the last couple of weeks.

"I was running up here two days ago when one of my neighbors stopped me and told me the mountain lion maimed two dogs," Coal Creek resident Kevin McNamara said.

The mountain lion appears to be attacking around dawn and dusk. According to Colorado Parks & Wildlife, there are more than 3,000 mountain lions living in Colorado.

"Do we have a lion that's keying in on a particular kind of prey? It seems like in this case we do. We have a lion that is going after dogs and not maybe going after its normal pray source," said Jennifer Churchill with Colorado Parks & Wildlife.

Churchill says Colorado Parks & Wildlife has set a trap for the mountain lion in Coal Creek, with hopes of snagging it before it attacks anymore pets.

"Public safety is number one. You should protect yourself, your family and your property if you feel threatened by wildlife," Churchill said.

Churchill suggests purchasing resistance spray and an air horn to scare off any mountain lions.

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