SOCHI, Russian - The Olympic Games in Sochi are an opportunity for the western visitors and Russians themselves to learn about the vast country. There is a giant Russian culture exhibit the size of Denver's Union Station at the Olympic Park.


Russians are crowding the place, wanting to experience what their own country has to offer.

This country is large and diverse, divided into eight regions that have dozens of cultures and nationalities within them.

Amulanga Uchurova represents the Republic of Kalmikiya in the southern part of Russia. A large portion of the population is Buddhist, in the country that is predominantly Russian Orthodox.

"Wanted to show the uniqueness and beauty of our national culture, historical traditions," Uchurova said. "Mostly because of its spiritual roots because their roots are in Buddhism that separates us from other regions that are a part of the Southern Federal Region."

One of the traditions here, is the dance that can be roughly translated into English as the "the shaking dance."

Across the pavilion, a very different dance is going on. The neighbors closer to the Black Sea from the Republic of Adygea, look, sound and dance to a different tune.

"In every Adyg home, they had a room for guests," said Bela Sheudzhen. "Within this tradition, every guest could stay to rest, even a stranger."

Many visitors to this pavilion may be seeing the cultures and the diversity in person for the first time, something the organizers are trying to change, it's even in the slogan: "Russia: great, new open."

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