KUSA - A Colorado company dedicated to the fresh food movement is trying to make it easier for people to grow their own food at home.

Farm Tub

Farm Tub LLC isout withFarm Tubs. Theseare decorative planters and growing systems that are custom-built to meet your home and garden needsin style.

Farm Tubs utilize a water reservoir and capillary wick system that brings together soil and hydroponic systems, that are easy to manage and self-irrigates once established.

They can be used for greenhouses, sunny rooms, decks, patios and gardens.Learn more at

Colorado Rustic Mountain Pine Shutter

This shutter ismade from reclaimed pine bark beetle kill wood. You can tell from its distinctive coloring and worm holes. Sadly, over three million acres of Colorado forests have been affected by the pine beetle epidemic. This shutter is one way to help make something good, out of something bad.

Rain Commander

A company in Highlands Ranch makes this gadget. With Rain Commander, you can control your sprinklers from just about anywhere with Internet-connected devices.

This was developed by a homeowner who was frustrated with her home sprinkler system, which she found to be inconvenient and unreliable. No more crouching in a dark basement to configure your watering schedule. Set it up through the RainCommander website or an app on your smartphone or tablet.

Bravo iPhone 5 Case

This is described as theworld's first fully waterproof and shockproof aluminum case for the iPhone 5. They've tested the Bravo down to six feet underwater. It can also withstand the impact of a free fall on a hard concrete floor. www.Tigrasport.comis the website.

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