AURORA -Aurora firefighters have responded to one hash oil fire or explosion every month since November 2013.

They're seeing the explosions take place in multi-family dwellings like condos or townhomes. Aurora Fire says in these situations, people manufacturing hash oil not only put themselves at risk, but they put their entire building at risk.

The most recent fire happened on Feb. 9 when an explosion blew windows out of homes in the 4500 block of South Hannibal Street.

Aurora's fire captain, Diane Lord, says making hash oil is like an underground operation. You can't smell anything while it's manufactured so there's no way to warn others of the harm.

The substance is pure THC, and it's very potent. Hash oil has grown in popularity, but it's a major safety concern for firefighters.

The injuries are extremely harmful and dangerous. Aurora Fire has seen first and second degree burns, injuries from the explosions and blasts, and severe property damage.

Right now, they're trying to educate people just how dangerous it is to make. Multiple manufacture sites end up exploding because it's highly volatile material.

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