DENVER - A mother in Jackson, Miss. recently got quite the surprise. Kim Fugate was expecting triplets, but she gave birth to four girls.

"'More feet, more feet' is all I heard, and I said 'NO!!!' It was an instant shock, but I'm proud of her," said Fugate.

Fugate's doctor says ultrasounds only showed three girls, so he was just as surprised. She got pregnant without the help of fertility drugs, making the quadruplets what's called "spontaneous." The odds of that happening are one in 729,000. Doctors say the odds of having spontaneous quadruplets, who are also identical, is almost incalculable.

The girls aren't expected to come home until early May. Their 10-year-old big sister says she can't wait.

A Colorado mother recently gave birth to identical, spontaneous triplets. The Robinson girls were born at University of Colorado Hospital in November 2013. After spending almost 13 weeks in the Neonatal Intensive Care Unit, the family was finally able to go home in January.

9NEWS talked to mom, Teryn Robinson, on what advice she would have for the mother of quadruplets in Mississippi.

"It's what everyone tells you to expect with one baby when they say 'You aren't going to get any sleep. You are going to be so tired, and you are not going to get anything done.' It's the same thing only we have three," Teryn Robinson said.

Teryn says her girls are doing very well since coming home from the hospital. They are gaining weight and no longer need their feeding tubes.

The family is also settling into a routine. During the day, the girls eat about every two hours. Teryn says by the time the third one finishes, the first is hungry again.

She has managing to get some sleep at night when the girls want to eat every three to four hours.

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