DENVER - Police are investigating gang activity as they search for suspects in a rash of robberies and burglaries in Denver.

Three teenagers are in jail, two others are on the run, and officers are tracking down every angle.

Police kept a heavy presence at the intersection of Alameda and Raritan on Wednesday. It's the same intersection where a police chase ended on Tuesday.

All appears back to normal in this west Denver neighborhood, until you listen to the police scanner.

The airwaves are alive, as officers track down leads in the search for suspects in a rash of robberies and burglaries.

Color is a key clue, as one DPD dispatch on Wednesday indicated.

"Be on the lookout for a blue Honda hatchback. The rear passenger had all red on and a tattoo on his face," the dispatcher said.

A lot of teenagers are seen in the neighborhood wearing red, a known gang color.

"It's really scary because everybody wears red," said a single mom named Ana.

Ana says the gang recruits kids as young as 13, forcing them to commit crimes.

"Stealing, robbing, killing," Ana said.

Ana has even heard of rival gangs competing to see who can steal and rob more.

"Gets them locked up, gets them in trouble, gets them killed," she said.

A Denver police spokesperson cannot officially say, but 9NEWS has confirmed, detectives are investigating gang activity in Tuesday's police chase and arrest of three teenagers.

All of the teens are suspects in as many as 17 robberies, dating back a month and a half.

The list of crimes includes an armed carjacking and auto theft.

All three suspects arrested so far are underage, which means police won't release names or mug shots unless they're charged as adults.

Denver police also say the suspects were armed during Tuesday's carjacking.

Officers arrested a teenager living at a house on the 900 block of South Raleigh Street for failure to appear in court on an auto theft warrant.

Detectives spent two hours at the home gathering evidence.

They say the arrest is not connected to Tuesday's bust, but they're "not ruling anything out."

Ana says she's scared for her son, and the other neighborhood kids.

"This neighborhood does not deserve getting robbed all the time, every week, every day. It's not right," Ana said.

She says the gang activity needs to stop so this neighborhood can feel safe.

"It's really scary for us," she said.

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