SOCHI, Russia - There are TV shows in the U.S. about women trying to decide whether they'll wear their mother's wedding dresses.


The dress has to be redone for the modern bride to even consider it.

In the Russian republic of North Ossetia, women pay a lot of money to have an old-school dress.

To rent one in some places could cost up to $2,000, which is considered expensive.

Tamara Gogichaeva started out in law school. Today, instead, her work is to make brides beautiful.

"This is a wedding dress from [North] Ossetia. Our Ossetia brides order these. We stitch all this, an artist sketches it out, then we do the stitching and decorating. After this part is done, we sew the dress," Gogichaeva said.

In North Ossetia culture and tradition withstand the change of the times. The little republic sits near Georgia in the Caucuses and is only 3,100 square miles.

"Our brides wear European dresses and then change into the traditional dresses. That's a must," Gogichaeva said.

It takes a month for one person to finish a dress. Gogichaeva says the ornaments have gotten more elaborate with time, that's the only thing that's changed.

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