SOCHI, Russia - One hour of play will determine if U.S. women's hockey will achieve their Olympic dream.


They face off against Canada for the gold medal of the 2014 Winter Games in Sochi, Russia.

"We've worked four years for this one moment," said forward Megan Bozek. "We're right where we need to be."

Forward Lyndsey Fry is playing for her country and in memory of her best friend, Elizabeth Turgeon.

"Liz was like a sister to me." Fry said. "I really do consider the Turgeons my second family just as much as I considered Liz my sister."

Fry and Turgeon played hockey together and shared a dream of competing in the Olympics.

For a season, Fry moved to Denver and lived with the Turgeon family. Pierre Turgeon, a former NHL great, coached their team in a suburb of Denver.

So they all suffered a shattering loss when Liz Turgeon was killed in a car crash.

"Losing our daughter was so hard and it is still hard today," Pierre Turgeon said.

The sisterhood between Fry and Turgeon has traveled through the Olympic season. Fry has been carrying Turgeon's USA hockey jersey with her to every competition.

"The fact that I have a piece of her with me to carry on is so special." Fry said. "I feel so blessed to have it."

It means a lot to the Turgeon family too.

"She keeps Liz alive in that way." Pierre Turgeon said. "We love seeing this and want Lyndsey to be able to achieve it."

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