KUSA - The 21st Century just wouldn't be the 21st Century without engineers. And this week in Colorado, there's a big push to recruit more of them fromlocal high schools.

Lockheed Martin and The Colorado School of Mines are teaming up to show nearly one hundred high school students what a future in engineering could do for them. The two groups are hosting learning activities and a luncheon at Mines, all in celebrate DiscoverE Engineering Week.

Students will be able to tour parts of the college as well as participate in activities at the School of Mines Geology Museum, the Center for Space Resources, the Advanced Water Technology Center, the Colorado Fuel Center, and the Renewable Energy Materials Research Science and Engineering Center.

A mentor luncheon will be provided for the students. Twenty Industry pros from Lockheed Martin will be there, ready to talk all about what the engineering life has to offer.

Demand for good engineers has been on the rise according to Lockheed Martin VP of Human Resources, Armando Castorena. "We need more scientists and engineers to help expand our knowledge of the universe, inspire innovation, ensure our national security, and maintain the United States' economic and technological leadership," he said.

One of the leading factors in choosing engineering as a career path is the pay. The average starting salary for an engineering grad is about $60,000. Discover Engineering Week is a national event aimed at bringing light to how engineers impact our world and filling all of those spots where new engineers are needed.

Editor's Note:

9NEWS Intern Brett Bloethner contributed this story.

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