DENVER - Both sides of a lawsuit challenging new gun control laws in Colorado met in federal court Thursday for the final time before a March 31 trial.

Attorneys involved in the case expect the trial to last ten days as pro-gun activists challenge the constitutionality of laws restricting the capacity of ammunition magazines and expanding background checks for gun sales.

Initially, the majority of the sheriffs in Colorado were listed as lead plaintiffs. Most of them have been removed and the handful that remain are plaintiffs in their personal capacities, not as elected officials.

The Colorado Outfitters Association is the lead plaintiff in the case against the state.

The plaintiffs were instructed by the judge to tell the state one day in advance which witnesses will be called.

The judge also informed each side that it would be time-limited to 30 hours for all arguments, examinations, and objections in the trial.

After the lawsuit was filed, the plaintiffs and the state did agree on language that narrowed possible interpretations of the magazine limit. There were concerns that broad language could have been used to make virtually all magazines illegal.

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