KUSA - It's a race unlike any other. Thousands of endurance runners will be setting off this May on a unique competition staged on more than three dozen courses in 35 different countries.

It's known as the Wings For Life World Run. It raises money for spinal cord research, and Colorado is helping to debut it.

On May 4, the runwill start precisely at 6a.m. ET/4a.m.MT at the exact same time in locations across the globe - meaningthat runners in some countries will be running from dawn to dusk while otherswill be racing from dusk to dawn.

In the U.S., runners will kick off the racein the early morning at three locations: Denver, Santa Clarita, California, and Sunrise, Florida.

Grete Eliassen is helping to promote the race and was our guest on 9NEWS 8 a.m. She knows all about endurance; she's a Gold Medalist Freeski Slopestyler from the Winter X Games. You've seen her in lots of ski movies too. Eliassen says this good cause is close to her heart because she knows skiers who've been affected by spinal cord injuries.

There is still time to sign up for the race at www.wingsforlifeworldrun.comThe deadline for applications is April 20.

Race Format

Organizers say the raceis truly for all types ofathletes and the format allows each and every participant to set their ownpersonal goals, whether it's two miles or 60. They say the moving finish linewill bepursuing the racers from behind instead of the racers running towards a setfinish line.

Exactly 30 minutes after the runners set off at some of the mostspectacular locations around the world, official Catcher Cars will set offbehind the packs in pursuit of the runners. When a Catcher Car passes a runner,their race is over. The last man and last woman running will be declared thewinners.

Participants can estimate their goal distance and determine a trainingregimen by visiting the Personal Goal Calculator on www.WingsForLifeWorldRun.com

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