DENVER - A group of home and business owners near the Trader Joe's on Colorado Boulevard have started a petition. It's not a complaint against the grocery store, but a protest to how, they say, it has negatively affected their neighborhood.

It takes a certain kind of person to shop at a newly-launched Trader Joe's. It takes patience, especially in the parking lot.

Denver has shown love for the grocery chain since it opened on Valentine's Day, yet it's mostly from those who can race out of the parking lot once they're finished shopping.

"If I lived in this neighborhood, I might be a little bit PO'd," a Trader Joe's shopper said.

Broken wine bottles, runaway carts and spill-over parking are testing people's patience.

"On Saturday, we just sat in my front window and watched the chaos," neighborhood resident Chris Martin said.

Since its opening, a closer look in front of Trader Joe's shows a jam equal to a crowd from a rock concert.

Martin says last weekend, it got that bad outside her door.

"It was a parking lot. It took me 15 minutes just to get out of my driveway," she said.

She isso close to Trader Joe's, shoppers are almost parking on her property. It makes selling a house pretty tough.

Martin says showings for her home have virtually stopped. She says she may take her home off the market.

"It doesn't look good for a potential buyer to come and see that this is not a quiet street anymore," Martin said.

Some of her neighbors are sending a petition to the Denver City Council to voice their frustration.

"I'm not anti-Trader Joe's," Martin said.

But they weren't ready for this, she says, and they believe they weren't the only ones caught off guard.

"I don't think enough planning went in to prevent this from happening," Martin said.

There will be a town hall meeting in the community on Thursday, at the Mizel Museum, to discuss these issues. Denver City Councilwoman Mary Beth Susman is hosting.

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