LYONS - The Colorado Department of Transportation is warning drivers to be prepared for more long winded delays along U.S. Highway 36 like they experienced on Monday and Tuesday.

Although repair and recovery efforts are moving along smoothly, CDOT says there's a long road ahead.

"Even though we're doing our best to put it back together, it's still going to be a long time before it's the old 36 again," CDOT Spokesperson Ashley Mohr said.

Between mid-January to mid-May, CDOT has 20 blasts scheduled to clear boulders from the nearby highway. So far, the agency has completed two of the blasts. Which each blast comes a three hour delay.

"What we're doing with this project is reconfiguring the road a little bit. We're moving it from sitting on top of soil and softer material to sitting on bed rock," Mohr said.

The blasts are not planned. However, CDOT says it will give drivers a 7 day notice in advance.

As for how long it will take to completely repair U.S. 36, CDOT would only say "years."

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