KUSA - This edition of Gadgets includes products from Colorado inventors.

LED Task Light

This Eco-Friendly Task Lightis madefrom recycled e-waste. The body fixture is made from recycled ABS plastic. The steel base is comprised of recycled scrap metalThe sleekdesignprovides 220 lumens worth of lighting for a fraction of the cost of traditional task lamps. Available at

Freedom Flaglite

ThisLED light shield attaches to your flag. Includes weather proof ties and an outdoor UL rated power cord that runs down your flagpole. Check


This is a game that sparks creative conversation and innovative ideas. Easy to play and fun for large or small groups. Taps into the creative nature in each of us and pushes the boundaries of ideas & creativity. Draws inspirations from the practice of disruptive

Ski Bumper 2.0

How about a magnetic ski rack for your skis and boards? Slaps on & off. Clip-on ends keep skis secure & hooks in the middle to hold snowboards. No more scratched paint and dropped skis.

Pilates Foot Corrector

This is not a Colorado item, but a new piece of traditional Pilates equipment from Balanced Body. Designed in collaboration with leading Pilates educators, the Foot Corrector strengthens and lifts the arch of the foot, and improves balance and gait.

It has a safer,no-pinch design and accommodates longer and wider feet. Two resistances: both heavy and light springs are included.

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