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Question #1
Dear Dr. John, I recently had two health screenings within 30 days of each other. The first showed my 50 year-old body, to be in excellent health; the second showed I scored a 111 on blood sugar and my results said I am at extremely high-risk of developing diabetes! Do you think this may have been bad testing or with the blood sugar in particular my body protesting having to fast (and not drink steaming delicious black coffee) for 12 hours? Thank you, Alan

Congratulations on getting an overall good health report on your latest physical. Blood sugar is one of the lab tests that is routinely done on these physicals to screen for diabetes. But the important word is screen, meaning it's a test that points in a certain direction but doesn't give a definitive diagnosis. In the case of the blood sugar level it can vary from time to time throughout the day depending on your bodies response to fasting or eating. If you do get a high value on one test a second test to confirm this is usually done. If that remains high than a test called a "glucose tolerance test" or one called a Hemoglobin A1C will be done to better pinpoint whether you have a true elevated blood sugar level that would put you at risk for diabetes. These tests give you and your doctor a better idea of where your true blood sugar levels are.

Question #2
Hello Dr John, My husband and I have noticed that every time our 3 year old eats something with red sauce at dinner, she has a really difficult time sleeping that night. Not only does she complain of a stomach ache but she is very restless and emotional, and has bad dreams all night. But this does not happen if she just eats plain, fresh tomatoes. We plan to cut red sauce out of her diet but what if the problem ingredient is in something else? Thank you! Melissa

This turns out to be a fairly detailed and somewhat controversial subject. But what experts, including an FDA committee are saying is that although there is no hard evidence of a food and hyperactivity allergy type link there does seem to be some children that are more sensitive to food dyes and additives that can have behavioral and hyperactivities issues aggravated. And according to the Center for Science in Public Interest, CSPI, the red colored food dyes that could cause issues include allure red and Red 40 among other color dyes as well. But it turns out this is probably more of an tolerance issue than a true allergy type situation. And this intolerance issue might be what is causing a 3 year old to have both stomach issues and sleep problems. Cutting out these artificial colors for a few days and keeping a journal of her reaction to this might help zero in on whether this is the culprit behind her issues or not.

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