ALAMEDA COUNTY, Calif. - Watch out, you might be capturing a foreign critter the next time you lean in for a 'selfie' with the gang.

One lice-removal professional is claiming that selfies are the cause for the increase in the spread of head lice among teenagers.

Marcy McQuillan works as a professional 'nit-picker' and fervently supports her theory on the increase in teenage clients and on conversations with teens who come in for removal services.

McQuillan says that taking selfies are essentially an opportune time for lice to crawl from one head to the next.

Most health experts disagree however. Daniel Wilson works with the Alameda County Health Agency and is skeptical about McQuillans claim except in extreme cases. Dr. Richard Pollock with the Harvard School of Public Health says that McQuillan's theory is a marketing ploy and simply nonsense.

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