KUSA- Democratic Congressman Jared Polis is getting a fashion makeover from GQ Magazine.

Polis (D- Boulder) spoke on the House floor Tuesday night wearing a black suit jacket, with a buttoned up purple polo shirt and a bowtie.

The Congressman's outfit caught the attention of a GQ writer Dennis Tang, who tweeted, " Congressman Jared Polis's shirt and tie combo ruined my week."

Tang later posted an article on saying in part, "we can help. You should let us help you."

Minutes later, Congressman Polis responded through his Twitter account. He wrote, "Thank you @GQMagazine @GQFashion for the offer to help. I accept and am looking forward to the consultation!!"

A spokesman for the Congressman says he's looking forward to the makeover.

"He knows it's kind of a fun thing and he's getting a consultation in fashion from GQ," said Scott Overland. "He's going to steer the folks there toward a fashion he's comfortable with."

Overland says they're in talks with GQ Magazine but right now they're not sure when the makeover will happen.

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