DENVER BUSINESS JOURNAL - Walk the streets of downtown Denver on any given weekday morning, head to a restaurant during lunch or take a seat on the light rail on your way home from work ... and there's a good chance you'll be surrounded by a lot of intelligent people.

Denver ranks No. 13 out of 102 major metropolitan markets for brainpower, according to a new study from G. Scott Thomas, who covers demographic trends in his On Numbers blog for The Business Journals.

And our neighbor to the south, Colorado Springs? They come in at No. 10 for brainpower.

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The study ranks the metros based on the level of education residents had completed, including various levels of college degrees.

Thomas calculates that 38.9 percent of Denver-Aurora-Lakewood area adults have bachelor's degrees and that 13.7 percent hold post-graduate degrees. (Boulder County is not included in the Metro Denver area rankings. Boulder boasts one of the highest number of residents who have college degrees in the country).

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