DENVER - Mornings. Evenings. Nights and weekends. On every day, in every day part, 9NEWS dominated the February ratings race, buoyed by strong Olympic performances and a rejuvenated NBC late night.

The Sochi Winter Olympic Games proved to be an audience favorite in February. As a winter sports mecca, Coloradans made 9NEWS the second highest-rated LPM (local people meter) market in the country behind Gannett sister station, KARE11 in Minneapolis.

"No one had the depth or quality of reporting we had here in Colorado," said 9NEWS Vice President and News Director Patti Dennis. "Of course, no one had the benefit of a talented, native-speaking Russian story teller like Anastasiya Bolton. Her insights into the Russian language and culture made our coverage unique among all stations. And the exhaustive reporting of Cheryl Preheim and Matt Renoux, veterans of both the 2010 Vancouver and 2012 London games, took our viewers to places and showed them the stories of our athletes that added entertainment and understanding to the spectacle that was Sochi. I can't wait to see what they come up with for our coverage of the 2016 summer games from Rio de Janeiro, of course, after a much-deserved rest!"

For the Nielsen February ratings period, 9NEWS continued to dominate the local newslandscape, winning Monday through Friday in the adults 25-54 demographic at 4:30 a.m.
(+133% year-to-year), 5:00 a.m. (+67%), 5:30 a.m. (+36%), 6:00 a.m. (+14%), 4:00 p.m.(+38%), 5:00 p.m. (+45%), NBC Nightly News (+54%), 6:00 p.m. (+53%) and 10:00 p.m.(+42%).

9NEWS on Channel 20 in the mornings also enjoyed substantial growth year-to-year,increasing rating at 7:00 a.m. (+50%), and winning at 8:00 a.m. (+14%). Even if oneignores the winning newscasts on 9NEWS throughout the games, 9NEWS saw substantialyear-to-year growth.

"Of course, the Olympics always give 9NEWS a substantial platform for our newscasts, butwe responded to that opportunity by giving our viewers and online and digital users thehighest quality journalism in the country," said 9NEWS President and General ManagerMark Cornetta. "Even though our late news went on most nights after competingnewscasts were over, viewers stayed to watch our unique brand of localized Olympiccoverage and quality journalism. And beyond our newscasts, they stayed to watch theviral excitement of the Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon which enjoyed the highest rateddebut of any LPM market in the country."

After a sensational debut on 9NEWS, Jimmy Fallon has taken Denver by storm. Afterposting the highest-rated LPM premiere in America, Fallon is establishing himself as aworthy successor to Jay Leno. Once settled into his regular 10:35 p.m. time slot after theSochi games, the new Tonight Show (3.6 rating) posted a 112% increase year-to-year,easily besting late night rivals David Letterman (.8 rating) and Jimmy Kimmel (.6 rating)combined by more than two rating points. (Nielsen A25-54 February 24th - 26th)

Late Night with Seth Meyers debuted just before the end of the February ratingsperiod, but his performance has been encouraging, outperforming the February 2013 bookby 150% in ratings. Carson Daly enjoyed a bump from Meyers as well, increasing hisrating by 150% from the previous year capping an unbeatable late night NBC lineup.

Unless otherwise specified, all numbers referenced in this release refer to Nielsen Mondaythrough Friday A25-54 Live +SD statistics.

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