BOULDER - Since a golden retriever named Amigo became a regular at the Boulder County Courthouse, he's made a visible impact.

You can see it in the smiles and laughter of both employees and those at court for hearings or trial.

Amigo arrived at the Boulder County Courthouse last fall, making him the first service dog to be used by a Colorado Judicial District.

The golden retriever is so popular, he had his own meet-and-greet for staff and families Thursday afternoon.

Amigo's job is to comfort victims and witnesses who have to testify at trials. Amigo also spends a lot of time in juvenile court.

His primary handler, Kim Stalnacker, is a victim specialist for the DA's office.

"He's very people oriented, very intuitive. When people are upset he seems to know who to gravitate towards in the room if we've got several people. I think he's a natural for this kind of work," Stalnacker said.

The office makes sure to pre-screen witnesses and victims to make sure they would like Amigo to sit with them, and Amigo can't actually go into any trials or non-juvenile court proceedings.

Amigo will celebrate his second birthday this month. That fact is on his trading card which the district attorney's office hands out to curious visitors and friends of Amigo.

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