LAKEWOOD - Three people are in custody for their alleged participation in trafficking and pandering of a child in Lakewood.

Roger McLamb, 35; Susan Johnson, 23; and Tracy Wilson, 33, were arrested earlier this week.

Police say the three were prostituting a 15-year-old girl. The teen lived in McLamb's basement and was coerced into having sex with strangers for money.

According to court records, Johnson and Wilson would drive McLamb and the teen to different motels, including the Denver West Inn in Lakewood, where they would meet customers and the teen provided sex to strangers for money. Sexual partners were solicited through Backpage.com and other online escort sites. The teen estimated that she earned $1,000 a week. All the money was given to McLamb.

Denver police picked up the teen on an outstanding warrant July 2013. Concerned that she might be a runaway, police contacted the FBI.

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