LONGMONT- The site of a tragedy turned into the site of a life celebrated, as family and friends gathered for a vigil, to remember a man who died in a fiery accident on Wednesday in Longmont.

Longmont Police said 34-year-old Carlos Bustillos may have had a medical issue while driving his pickup truck. He crashed into an unoccupied building, with his two children inside the vehicle. They were unable to save him before a fire erupted.

More than 80 people gathered Thursday evening at the vigil to remember a man they say was a family man and a hard worker, who was taken too soon.

"He definitely had a big heart," said Adam Olivo, who is married to Bustillos' cousin.

The vigil for Bustillos tells one story of a person who, by all accounts here, genuinely loved people and was loved in return, by both his immediate family and his extended one - many of whom showed up at the vigil.

"[He was] very family oriented," said Bernadette Martinez, his cousin. "He was there with the kids; he was there for everybody."

Bustillos' life was cut short, with his two children unable to get their father nor the family dog out of the pickup truck before a fire broke out, consuming the vehicle and part of the building. Family members said it has been a very tough 24 hours for his children.

"Definitely they have a lot of support, that's the good thing," Olivo said. "We'll just continue to surround them with a lot of love and strength."

They also are drawing on that love and strength for each other, as they struggle with the reality that their loved one is gone, but try to remember him for the man he was.

"He was just a fun-loving guy and full of life and always there to help anybody that needed the help," Martinez said.

"I just want people to remember he was an awesome guy who impacted people's lives and people loved him and he loved people," Olivo said.

The coroner's office said they are still looking into what exactly led to Bustillos' death.

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