KUSA - Sunday marks the 86 Academy Awards and one highly touted film is Alexander Payne's Nebraska.

Nebraska opens in Billings, Mont., following Woody Grant, an older man who is on his way to Lincoln, Neb. to claim his 1-million dollar sweepstake winnings.

Believing it to be a scam his wife and son ignore his desire to head to Nebraska. His other son decides to take the opportunity to spend time with his dad and get to know him better.

The story continues with the Grant family gathering in Nebraska, while their extended family tries to get their own piece of the hypothetical winnings.

June Sqiubb (Kate Grant) says the film has a lasting appeal.

"There was talk about, 'well it's so slow,'" Squibb said.

"I think Alexander [Payne, director] knew what he was doing because they always say 'but I loved it and it gave me time to get to know everybody [the characters]."

Nebraska has been nominated for six Academy Awards including: best picture, best actor, best directing, best supporting actress, best cinematography and best screenplay.

Squibb isn't stressing about her nomination, saying it is something she is used to.

"The Golden Globes, the first one, I was with the mouth open not knowing where I was going or what I was doing."

"I'm a fast learner. It's become a little natural."

Nebraska is a movie of nostalgia, and pays some homage to that past.

Filmed in black-and-white, the movie displays lifelike attributes to its state namesake.

"When you're there, this is what you come away with, the black-and-white," Squibb said.

"The land looks black-and-white, the clothing on all the people, this is what you see."

The Nebraska cast will be well represented Sunday where they'll have a chance to win six Oscars.

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