KUSA - Every Wednesday night in North Denver, a group of physically strong, helmet and wheel clad women head to a place called The Glitterdome to play "America's fastest-growing female sport:" roller derby.

Founded by 20 intrepid skaters in December 2005, the Denver Roller Dolls have gained skaters and fans from throughout the Denver metro area. They say the draw to the sport is "extreme athleticism and full-on fun."

According to the Denver Roller Dolls, "it's a place where women of all sizes, backgrounds and skill levels can compete in an intensely athletic and supportive atmosphere. It's a chance to connect with our community through service and volunteerism. And it's an opportunity to hone our business skills through a completely skater-owned and -operated non-profit organization."

The Denver Roller Dolls don't just skate, they also put on public appearances and fundraisers, they volunteer for Denver-based charities, and some are successful businesswomen. They are sisters, wives, mothers, moms, and friends.

When 9NEWS Traffic Anchor Amelia Earhart was hosting the Women in Transportation event downtown last week, she ran into Krystel DeHerrera, also known as "Krys Kross," the President of the Denver Roller Dolls. Amelia was invited to come to a Wednesday night scrimmage, and even strap on some skates!

Of course, she had to bring her other half, 9NEWS Meteorologist Danielle Grant! Amelia and Danielle, along with 9NEWS Photojournalist Matt Michaela arrived at The Glitterdome to find an intense bunch of women, practicing roller derby on a flat track in a large warehouse.

Amelia and Danielle got fully padded up - helmet, mouthguard and all - and took to the track slowly and awkwardly. The ladies went pretty easy on the "baby dolls" (Baby Dolls is a term used for novice skaters in the derby world). The 9NEW ladies had a blast, got a few bruises, and would absolutely do it all again!

To learn more about the Denver Roller Dolls, you can visit or go to their Facebook page here:

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