USA TODAY - Lea Michele is getting louder about her affection for Cory Monteith.

"I'm so grateful to get to say that I experienced true love," she told E! News in an interview pegged to her new album, Louder. "And I think that a lot of people, unfortunately, don't. They'll go a whole lifetime without experiencing it, and I did, and I consider myself so lucky that I got to."

One song in particular inspires bittersweet memories. "When I listen to You're Mine, it takes me back to the best time in my life. So whenever I need to remember that, I play that song. I think that that's the power of music. It's therapy. It gives you whatever it is you need in that moment, and it's really been the greatest medicine for me."

The lyrics, "these are words, these are parts of me. And so I'm very proud of (the album), and it is something beautiful that did come out of a very difficult time."

"If You Say So" takes place a week after the passing of its unnamed subject, with Michele repeating the phrase "seven whole days" while trying to shake off the numbness she feels. In the chorus, she recalls their last encounter: "You said I love you girl/I said I love you more/And a breath, a pause, you said, if you say so/If you say so/If you say so."

The final verse is the most harrowing, with Michele declaring, "I check my phone and wait to hear from you in a crowded room," and the music builds as she concludes, "I thought we would grow old/Mirrors in the smoke/Left me here to choke."

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