KUSA - 2013 was an amazing year for film. From the dramatic acting, to the brilliant cinematography, the movies released in 2013 really broke the barrier.

Here's some reasons why it was such an important year for film.

1) That cinematic experience.The movie Gravity pushed the barrier with film. People of my generation were waiting to see their version of 2001: A Space Odyssey or Star Wars, and they got it with Gravity. I was clutching my seat the whole time. Yes, the dialogue was a little weak, but the overall experience - superb! This is a movie that must be seen in theaters.

2) The history lesson.Movies like 12 Years a Slave are good reminders that the history of the USA was not always perfect. We have made horrible mistakes in the past. 12 Years reminds us the painful way of life millions of slaves had to endure. This should be a movie that's shown in schools. After I saw this movie, the whole theater was silent, processing what they had just seen. That's a sign of a great film.

3) They made us Laugh.Many of the movies I saw this year had me cracking up. From American Hustle, to Frozen to Don Jon - the cinematic experience of 2013 reminded us to laugh and forget about life for a while. Even documentaries like 20 Feet From Stardom had memorable characters that had audience members giggling.

4) They showed us stories of survival.One thing in common with many of the Oscar Nominated is survival. They touched on issues of slavery, HIV/AIDS, overcoming the odds, finding love when thought impossible, and staying alive. The movies of 2013 all reminded us that life is worth living and we can all lead incredible adventures of our own.

5) The introduced us to the new GenerationFor years, we've always heard of the Tom Hanks, the Steven Spielberg's, etc. Now, we will hear names like McQueen, Fassbender, Ejifor, and Nyong'o. These new players will help define the cinematic experience for years to come, and will give us memorable characters for a lifetime.

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