KUSA - 9NEWS resident Oscar expert Rico Meyer lists his top 5 picks.

1) Saving Mr. Banks - This reminded me of being a kid again. What really struck me was Colin Farrell's amazing and surprising performance. The original score, mixed with the Mary Poppins soundtrack really tugged at the heart.

2) Gravity - I clutched my seat the entire time. I did not take my eyes off the screen. The visuals blew my mind. This motion picture had me from the go. It was the big, cinematic experience that was meant to be seen in theaters. And it's only 90 minutes! Brilliant.

3) 12 Years a Slave - This true story was told extremely well by director Steve McQueen. His photography is amazing. All of his actors, whether small or main, did an incredible job. You were taken into this world of slavery and shown how ruthless it really was. This is a part of history that needed to be told, and McQueen captured it perfectly.

4) 20 Feet From Stardom - This documentary on backup singers was a fun watch. The stories these ladies told from their days with Bruce Springsteen or the Rolling Stones were incredible. The production value really took me away too. An interesting topic that was told with ease - that's what a great documentary does. 20 Feet From Stardom does just that.

5) Don Jon - A story about a man and his addiction that he doesn't quite realize. Joseph Gordon-Levitt, in his directorial debut, really does a great job. From the performances, to the editing, to the script - he nails it. This film did a great job of showing how a young man gains maturity in life. Again, around the 90 minute mark, it makes it a breeze to watch too.

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