KUSA - Simon Paton, of Australia, was on a ski vacation with his wife three years ago when he slipped on the ice and his brain started to bleed - he had a stroke and nearly died.

He was rushed to University of Colorado Hospital and spent seven weeks there. His wife Liz was by his side the whole time. He doesn't remember a thing.

On Friday, the Paton's visited the hospital to see the team of doctors again.

"For someone to travel across the globe to visit with us," said Dr. Robert Neumann, who directs the Neurologic and Neurosurgical ICU at University of Colorado Hospital, "for us, it's what keeps us going."
Neumann says Simon Paton did all the hard work. But Paton credits the doctors for saving his life.

"I've been looking forward to meeting them forever," said Paton.
His wife Liz kept in contact with the medical staff all these years.

"It was a journey that started very traumatically, but yeah," she said, tears welling in her eyes. "But yeah, got a great result."

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