GRAND COUNTY - History skates down every inch of Grand County. It starts in the mountains, trickles down to the lakes and eventually ends up in the county's communities.

In order to tell you about this piece of history we must first travel back in time nearly a century to a tiny village that has since been covered by Lake Granby.

"It was discovered in kind of a gully," said Tim Nicklas, Administrator at the Grand County Historical Association.

That gully, said Nicklas, was located on Bud Chalmer's ranch. Chalmer's was well known in Granby.

"Chalmers brought it and showed it around," said Nicklas.

It is a rock. But not just any rock, a special rock.

"Apparently it had strange markings on it," said Nicklas.

How the rock got there is a mystery. It's known as the mystery of 'The Granby Idol'.

"Myths are part of history," said Nicklas.

A statue of sorts, the Granby Idol is said to be made out of stone equipped with unique carvings and a toothy grin.

"There was a professor of geology who looked at it and said, 'well I don't think this stone is from around here' it's from Turkey'," said Nicklas.

Theory after theory and story after story... until one day when the story stopped.

"Then they were going to send it off to the Smithsonian to have it authenticated, but then it got lost," said Nicklas.

Out of nowhere, that tooth grinning, oddly shaped stone disappeared... Which made some wonder... Was it even real in the first place?

"I don't know if I should say it but Chalmers was known to be a hoaxer," said Nicklas.

Even with that revelation, many others still claimed to see and experience the stone.

So where is it...? And what happened?

"There can be no verification of it because it just disappeared," said Nicklas. "And honestly without being able to examine it, how can you find the authenticity of it?"

Few mysteries have grappled Grand County like the Granby Idol. A story so rocky, it's leaves you wondering: was it real? And was it more than just a rock?

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