KUSA - They left Somalia and other parts of eastern Africa to escape unpredictable violence, but now Fort Morgan police say the town's refugee community is being victimized because of their race and heritage.

In the past week and a half, multiple cars have been vandalized, left with broken windows and spray painted with racial slurs.

"Get out of town. Go back to your country," said Khadar Ducaale, of what was written. "It's been very frustrating, at the same time, it's been scary. We don't know who is responsible."

"We left our home country back in Africa for lack of security and instability, "said Abdi Wahab, whose car windows were broken. "It feels like we might be having the same problem we left our countries for now."

There are hundreds of east Africans who've been given refuge by the U.S. government to live and work in Fort Morgan. Many work at the Cargill meat plant. They said vandalism to their vehicles has happened several times in the past. 9News reported on eight cars hit in 2011.

Refugees fear the hatred may escalate.

"The house is pretty close to the car, so there is no guarantee that next time they might not break down the door and hurt me or my kids," said Ifrah Haji.

Every window in the young mother's van was broken, and she said it's the second time it's happened. Haji said it's the only vehicle she has to get to work.

"Our feeling is that people here don't like us for whatever reason," she said. "My feeling is break down and cry, but that's not going to help. We just don't know what to do."

They know someone in the town knows who did this or saw something, and they're asking for help.

"Good citizens of this town need to come and say, 'This is not going to happen in our town,'" Ducaale said.

Fort Morgan Police said they believe the car windows were shot out by a BB gun. A town spokesperson said a hate crime investigation is underway, but there are no suspects. Anyone with information should call Fort Morgan police at 970-687-5678 or Crime Stoppers at 970-542-3411.

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