BOULDER - A 22-year-old University of Colorado student faces several traffic charges including driving under the influence of alcohol after driving through the campus lawn on two flat tires.

At 1:04 a.m., a University of Colorado Boulder Police Department officer on foot patrol at the Benson Earth Sciences building spotted Jennifer Nicole Greer driving a Subaru Outback driving on a sidewalk with two flat tires.

Police say the tire tracks indicated that Greer's vehicle drove on the lawn area near the west side of the Math building.

The officer attempted to wave down the Greer, who went east on Colorado Avenue toward 28th Street.

During this time, a witness told officers that the suspect's vehicle had struck the median at Arapahoe Avenue and Folsom Street. The crash had caused the two flat tires, according to the witness.

Investigators also found a traffic sign knocked down in the street.
A second UCPD officer saw Greer's vehicle at 28th Street and Colorado Avenue and attempted to pull her over. Authorities say Greer refused to yield and sped up to 60 mph as she drove onto eastbound U.S. 36.

A UCPD sergeant called off the attempted contact and prepared to notify other local law enforcement agencies. Moments later the contacting officer saw her car lose a wheel, strike the median and come to a stop near the Table Mesa Drive exit.

UCPD officers then conducted a felony hot stop on Greer and drew their weapons.

Officers ordered Greer back toward the patrol car and placed her under arrest at 1:12 a.m.

She was later taken to Boulder County Jail.

The vehicle had extensive front-end damage and the front bumper almost completely fell off.

Greer refused a test to measure her blood alcohol content.

She was not injured during the incident and police do not believe she hit other vehicles.

Greer has been charged twice before for alcohol-related driving offenses, authorities say.