KUSA - You may need a billionaire friend to help pay for college in the future.

Vanguard Personal Investors released its college cost-estimator Monday.

The calculator works by entering the number of years until your child is in college, then how many years your child will be in school, and the tuition cost at a certain college in today's dollars. The website puts in an inflation rate of 6 percent.

9NEWS decided to put it to the test by using current in-state tuition rates at CU Boulder, CSU in Fort Collins and DU.

What area schools could cost in 10 years:

  • CU Boulder: $185,492
  • CSU: $33,523.
  • DU: $311,365.

Estimated costs in the year 2031:

  • CU: $295,645
  • CSU: $53,431
  • DU: $496,268.