LAFAYETTE - The teen accused of bringing a pipe bomb into his Lafayette high school appeared in court on Friday.

The prosecutors have decided to charge him as an adult in connection with the Centaurus High School explosive device left in a paper bag in the school. Since he is being charged as an adult, 9NEWS is now identifying him as 16-year-old Andrew de Bartolome.

Prosecutors say he will face at least two Class 2 felonies - including attempted murder extreme indifference and explosive incendiary device. He will also face one Class 4 felony of possession of anincendiarydevice and two counts of Class 5 of simulated weapon felony menacing.

Prosecutors said Andrew had a long interest in building explosive devices, and they were concerned this was a part of a larger plan.

The device, which was similar to a pipe bomb, was found by a teacher Monday. The teacher took it outside, and the bomb squad later detonated it.

The shaved head of Andrew was flanked by his two parents, who came to last week's hearing and did everything they could to avoid having to walk in front of the cameras that were gathered outside.

On Thursday, investigators searched for more evidence in Boulder on Valhalla.

His reverse transfer hearing will be held on Aug. 1.