The book references both healthy and natural foods proven to help people shed fat and promote weight loss.

In an experiment to prove their theory is effective, book experts put a dozen men and women with different diet goals on a plan. The panelists lost a cumulative 151 pounds in three weeks.

Reader's Digest Editor in Chief Liz Vaccariello talked about a specific shake and how it helps speed up the weight loss process.

"We have the fab-five, which are fiber, protein, dairy, calcium [and vitamin c], which have been shown to burn calories faster, but then there are some surprising fat releasers. Dark Chocolate contains monounsaturated fatty acids. So we've incorporated that into a morning shake with coconut oil that's been proven at the University of Brazil to target belly fat in particular. That's a morning chocolate shake on the Digest Diet. We also found resveratrol is a fat releaser, and that's a substance found in red wine or a hand full of red grapes. So starting on day five, you're having a class of red wine with dinner. So if that's not diet fun, I don't know what is," Vaccariello said.

9NEWS Medical Expert Dr. John Torres also weighed in on the diet and whether he thought it was a credible source to losing weight.

"You guys know I'm not a big fan of diets to begin with because any diet can get you to lose weight, it's keeping the weight off that's the hard part. But you know looking at this book, it does have some good parts to it, but it does have some things that I'm not a super big fan of. But it has some good parts that I think will help people lose weight and the exercise component is there," Dr. Torres said.

"It even talks about laughter and sleep being a part of the weight-loss component which I think is very important. Overall, if you're going to go on a diet, it's probably a pretty good one to go on, but again the life long ones are the ones you need to worry about," Torres said.

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