KUSA - In January, Brooke Thacker asked everyone at our morning meeting: "How would you change your life for a week and get out of your comfort zone?" Soon after, Amelia Earhart took her up on going vegan for a week and Gregg Moss did a dose of yoga daily.

This week, it's my turn and changing my life involves being in front of my TV. Sounds weird since I'm in the biz, but this involves exercising. I like to work out outdoors (or at least out of the house) whether I'm running, biking or swimming. Once every couple weeks I will break out a DVD for a yoga session, but that's about as far as I go - I'm convinced I'll go stir crazy otherwise.

I guess I'm ready to go crazy.

For seven straight days, I am exercising to DVDs. I have a slew of them and don't use them often because often my mindset is I have to train in the sports I race. In reality I should probably do these more often for cross training purposes. Not to mention some of the at home workouts are huge time savers.

Here's what I've done so far:
Saturday 2/23:Tony Horton's 10 Minute Trainer - a series of 10 minute workouts. I did 3 workouts back to back: cardio, lower body and abs. I was amazed at how much I was sweating by the end of the workout.

Sunday 2/24: I used the snow for my main workout and shoveled with my Garmin 601 and heart rate strap attached. The resulting map is pretty funny. I "walked" .8 miles during my 40 minute shovel session and my heart rate stayed elevated in a fat burning zone. Love that. Check out the heart rate map here. Also did a 10 minute core workout from another DVD series called the 10 Minute Solution.

Monday 2/25:Bryan Kest Power Yoga - this is a staple of mine and has been for a couple years now. There are 3 great yoga workouts on this DVD and I try to plug it inat least once every two weeks. I would love to do it once a week. I am deficient in strength and flexiblity and this really helps.

Tuesday 2/26:Ballet Physique - loving this new set of DVD's that just came out from a local Littleton studio. One is 45 minutes, the other 60 minutes and they make me sore! I like the option of a 45 minute version and it's completely different from the 60 with a different instructor and exercises. Easy to do at home, no need for a ballet bar!

So far I'm doing OK... let's talk on Friday.