That man is John McConnell. Back in 1969 he created earth day.

'I'm very proud of him,' said his wife Anna McConnell.

The McConnell's moved to Denver about ten years ago to be closer to their daughter and grandchildren.

Now at the age of 97, John's health is deteriorating - but his memories of creating earth day are as fresh a spring flower.

"We have an amazing planet," John McConnell said. "[It has] a great diversity of life".

McConnell lived in California when he came up with the idea. He still remembers the moment the idea popped in to his mind.

"Our house shook. There was a minor earthquake, and I thought God was certifying that I was right," McConnell laughed.
The United Nations accepted McConnell's idea and Earth Day became an official holiday. McConnell spent decades traveling the world, dedicating his life to preserving it.

"We have a great future if the human race will make proper use of the treasure we have been given," McConnell said.

McConnell has seen so many treasures. But those images have been clouded by time. Four years ago he lost his sight.

"We all have to face the fact we're going to die," McConnell said.

McConnell knows his time on the planet he loves so much is limited. And he has accepted that. He hopes his legacy will live on.