If convicted, the passenger could face up to 20 years in prison.

The passenger was later identified as Marcus Covington, a Chicago resident. According to the United States Attorney, Covington was allegedly intoxicated when the crimes occurred.

Covington reportedly walked up to some passengers, said nonsensicalthings and - while waiting to use the bathroom in the front of the plane - he allegedly groped a 27-year-old pregnant woman. At that point, a flight attendant told him to stay seated, but he supposedly told the flight attendant to get away from him.

An FBI agent - who was flying on the plane as a passenger - was asked by flight crew to deal with Covington. The FBI agent and the captain of the flight decided to land at Denver International Airport. The FBI agent sat next to Covington to keep him under control. While sitting there, the agent claims he saw Covington take multiple, unidentifiable pills.

Flight 677 landed safely on Sunday and was met by authorities, who took Covington off the plane.

After being escorted off the plane in handcuffs, Covington reportedly kicked at a chair, spit on Denver Police officers and threatened to kill them.

Spokeswoman Laura Coale says the flight to Los Angeles resumed about 1 a.m. Monday.

Read the full statement released by JetBlue regarding this incident:

"JetBlue Flight 677 JFK-LAX departed JFK at 9:38pm local time with 150 customers on board. En route a customer disturbance was reported to the flight crew. The captain elected to divert to Denver International airport, where the plane landed at approximately 11:30pm and was met by local authorities. The plane continued on to Los Angeles, landing at LAX at 2:21am local time without further incident."