Until recently there have been two different funds for people to donate to. One was set up by family friend Victoria Albright immediately after the shooting. Another fund was set up by Farrah's cousin, Marty Soudani.

Farrah's family says that second fundis the problem. It was set up days after the first and has caused fighting among the family.
The feud is so serious that her family filed a fraud case with the attorney general's office.

Marty claims to have raised $95,000 for Farrah, with the intent to put the money into a trust fund. Farrah's parents say the money never made it into the trust and Marty hasn't been in contact with the family.

"Farrah hasn't seen one penny of that money," Farrah's father, Sam Soudani, said. "I don't know if they're telling the truth or that money is being pocketed."

On August 30, Marty Soudani posted on the Facebook page of his fund for Farrah that he was returning all of the $95,000 raised. Farrah's family wonders how that's possible when so many people gave cash or anonymous donations.

"How do you justify returning money that will help somebody who has gone through such a horrific experience?" Farrah's mother Heidi Bergman-Soudani said.

Farrah's parents say the family struggle started when she came home from the hospital. She stayed with her cousin, Marty, for a few days. Then she decided to stay with Albright, that family friend who started the original trust.

Farrah's family says after that, nasty messages started showing up online and around their neighborhood smearing Albright's fundraising efforts.

"It is one tragedy on top of another for us," Heidi said.

Farrah says she's tried to stay out of the fighting as much as possible.

"It's kind of hard not to think about," she said. "The hardest part is it being my closest family."

The site set up by Marty Soudani no longer has a way to donate. When reached by phone, Soudani said he had no comment.

Donations are still being accepted through the original fund for Farrah. Money donated goes into a trust fund established to help Farrah pay for her recovery.