Dale Bruner was already found guilty in July for the murder of his wife. On Friday, he was sentenced to 48 years for the second-degree murder conviction, 32 years for a first-degree assault conviction and another 32 years for first-degree assault. The 112 years in prison are to be served consecutively.

"He got what was coming to him. Justice for Steph," Ramona Roller, sister of the victim, said after he was found guilty in July.

The Summit County jury took a little more than four hours in July to find Bruner guilty of the 2010 murder of his wife Stephanie Roller Bruner.

"It ended the way it should," Hank Ronish, victim's uncle, said in July. "The man is in custody, and justice has been done."

During the trial, the prosecution argued that Bruner killed his wife after she filed for divorce in the weeks before her murder. There were reports of Bruner's repeated infidelity and domestic violence towards Stephanie.

But, the defense pointed to a lack of physical evidence linking Bruner to the murder. There was no indication at his house of an attack, despite the fact the Bruner was beaten and strangled before being dumped in the Blue River in November of 2010.

"There were times that we as a family had a little bit of concern here and there," Roller said. "But, then it would be right back to, 'Nope we've got him.'"

Bruner was also convicted of two counts of first-degree assault and tampering with evidence.

"I don't think he has a tiny bit of remorse," Ronish said.