Larimer County Sheriff's Office Public Information Officer John Schulz saida vacant summer home initially caught fire. The cause of the fire is under investigation.

The fire spread toa second structure where a propane tank exploded. Both of these buildings are total losses.

Red Feather Lakes resident Doug Bothwell tells 9NEWS he heard the propane tank explode and saw the fire spread tothe surrounding forest.

A third building across the street from the other structures was damaged after the propane tank exploded. That building is owned by the Red Feather Lakes Property Association.

Check out the video below of the explosion:


Reisdents in the Fox Acres neighborhood as well as on County Rd 67J South of the firehouse to County Rd 74e were ordered to evacuate at 2:50 a.m.

More than 360 phone evacuation notices were sent out.

An evacuation center wasset upat Livermore Elementary School.


For fire information call970-498-5500.

Current emergency information can be found on the Larimer County Office of Emergency Management's website.

You can also follow The Larmier County Sheriff's Office on Twitter @larimersheriff.

The Red Feather Lakes, Glacier View and Crystal Lake Volunteer Fire Departments, as well as the Larimer County Sheriff's Office and the Red Cross, responded to the fire.