"A couple of citizens had come to me and said, Kerry Ann, we're grumpy. We need some snow. Can you make some calls?" said Kerry Ann McHugh, the mayor of Georgetown.

So, she called the Loveland Ski Area and Clear Creek Fire Authority and concocted a plan to bring snow making machines to Main Street to make the snowflakes fall on their annual Christmas Market celebration on Friday night.

It didn't work.

"Too darn warm," said McHugh.

But, less than 24-hours-later, Mother Nature brought the real stuff. McHugh says the snow fall is certainly big ski resorts and the water levels in the summer months. And, she says it is a big part of Georgetown's holiday business, as well.

"The snow is part of our ambiance and it's part of Christmas and Christmas Market is a pretty big deal for our town. We are like Christmas town," said McHugh. "The Georgetown Loop Railroad doing their Santa trains and the lights and this is our 42nd Annual Christmas Market and we generally always have at least one weekend where's some snow."