DENVER - For every $10 million spent on a publicly-funded construction project in the City of Denver, the project must set aside $100,000 for public art.

Since the inception of the program in 1988, Denver has welcomed in more than 200 public art pieces into its collection.

So this is where Denver residents come into play. 9NEWS selected nine of the city's most-recognizable pieces of public art. There are plenty not included in our list, so feel free to send us pictures of some of your personal favorites or least favorites.

Michael Chavez is the public art manger for Denver Arts and Venues. He is the guy whose job is to make sure the city's collection is the best it can be. He declined to disclose his favorite, out of respect to the collection, but he told 9NEWS he loves "Mustang" - as it's known - out by Denver International Airport.

"Everyone remembers when they see that horse. You're going to remember it," he said.

And that, he says, is the point of a good public art project. He says he wants each part of the collection to cause a conversation.

"A failure of any art piece would be that it's forgotten or just walked past," he said.

Starting Monday, the city will start collecting public opinions on the horse on whether the city should try to remove it entirely or move it off of DIA's property. Chavez hasn't heard anything yet, and he doesn't necessarily expect to hear anything in the future.

However, that doesn't mean Denver residents can't chime in and tell 9NEWS what they think.

In the end, Chavez says, it's what public art is meant to do: It's designed to facilitate a conversation.

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