DENVER -The trial for a former CIA contractor accusedin a fight over a parking spot in Coloradohas been postponed.

A judge had been set to consider a plea agreement for Raymond Davis Monday but Davis' lawyer said the proposed deal unraveled after the lawyer for the alleged victim, Jeffrey Maes, added unspecified conditions.

After the hearing, Maes' lawyer said the deal should include an apology, jail time, restitution or anger management classes.

"Mr. Davis is a ticking time bomb," Larry Klayman said.

Klayman represents the 51-year-old alleged victim and father of five who pulled into a parking space at a bagel shop in October of 2011.

Davis apparently wanted the same space.

"He said this is really stupid. He said say it again. I said this is stupid and turned. And he it me," Jeffrey Maes said.

Maes' physical wounds are healed but his lawyer says the attack left emotional scars.

"Mr. Maes was beaten brutally in front of his wife and two of his young children. These kids were terrorized. They're undergoing psychological counseling now," Klayman said.

The case had been set to go to trial this week but lawyers were not ready to proceed. The angry judge gave them until March 1 to reach a deal or else he said Davis would go on trial July 15.

Davis was held in Pakistan after a fatal shootout in 2011. The U.S. government paid over $2 million to the families of two men killed to win his release.